The Bengaluru Lawyers’ Football Championship 2017 kicked off with a great start on the 29th of November at Play Arena, Sarjapur Road. Over 200 advocates from several well-known law firms from all over Bangalore came to participate over two weekends.

What is unique about this set of advocates is their passion for football and fitness, that drives them to come together as an industry of professionals and blow off some steam, relax and and showcase their enviable skills on the football pitch. With weeks of diligent practice, 17 teams comprising of 21 law firms came together and put their best foot forward in what was a stunning display of football action. Every match held on the final day of the tournament on November 5th was a thrilling showdown of competition guided by fair-play and team work.

These lawyers are the perfect examples of how your profession does not limit or define you, but should inspire you to excel in other areas of life as well, especially if it helps you be a fitter and happier version of yourself. Every working person knows how difficult it is to have a proper work-life balance and this bunch of dedicated lawyers demonstrates by example how people one of the most over-worked professions can achieve it. Adding to the overall enthusiastic vibe of the event were the families, friends and colleagues of each player who were their to show their support and cheer on the teams till the very last whistle was blown.

The event was made even more exceptional because of the involvement of the various sponsors and partners. The co-presenter, Manage My Lawsuits is an exclusive product for lawyers and they took their commitment to making the lives of the advocates easier not just in the courtroom but in the spheres outside of it as well.

Preetham Chandra, Co-founder and Managing Director of Footieculture India Private Limited, the organiser of the Bengaluru Lawyers’ Football Championship, quotes, “It is truly encouraging to see so many busy and well established lawyers step forward to rekindle their passion for a game that so many of them enjoyed as children. The dedication of these commendable group of players even seeps into the firms that they represent, as there were so many other people and even children who were there to add to the thrilling environment. As a football player, It is great to see that the competitive spirit still ablaze with this community and I sincerely hope that they continue to play the game they love, because Footieculture will always be there to make this happen.

Results – Bengaluru Lawyers’ Football Championship 2017

Champions – M. G. Kumar Law Firm & Aneda Law Firm

Runners-Up – AZB and Partners

Participating Law Firms:

    • Dua Associates
    • Crest Law
    • Just Law
    • Indus Law
    • Trilegal
    • K & S Partners
    • K Law
    • Kochhar & Co.
    • Poovayya & Co.
    • AZB & Partners
    • J. Sagar Associates
    • M. G. Kumar Law Firm
    • Anenda Law Firm
    • Samvad Partners
    • The Law Offices of Nandan Kamath
    • Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
    • Khaitan & Co.
    • King & Partridge
    • Sundaraswamy & Ramdas
    • Shardul Amardas Mangaldas & Co.
    • Keystone Partners