For the Indian populace, Thursday was a day of both anticipation of what was to come and a sort of resignation and acceptance of the occurrences soon after the match between India and Ghana took place.

We must concede to the fact that Ghana would have been a strong team to beat for anyone and therefore make allowances for India. But this will not change the bitter reality of Indian football and how much further we need to go in order to receive any form of credibility.

Nevertheless, 2017 has seen a progress of football in India that could never have happened if not for us hosting the FIFA U-17 World Cup. We must take yesterday’s events in good spirits, appreciate the fact the Indian Colts gave it their all and were not at all shoddy in their delivery and performance.

Here’s to hoping a good future for Indian football going forward. Watch this space for our take on all the FIFA goings-on and run-by’s of the World Cup.