The second edition of the Bengaluru Youth Football Cup (BYFC) 2017, hosted some of the finest talent from the school-level football players in the state. The 10-day tournament took place from August 21st to 31st across 3 venues, including the prestigious Bangalore Football Stadium. With over 600 young players from schools across Karnataka, this marks the largest 11-a-side inter-school Youth Football tournament in the state. The grand event came to a spectacular end, with the promise that the BYFC will remain a prominent platform for youth football players of the future from hereon, providing an unforgettable experience for players, fans, spectators and the entire football population of the country.

Greenwood International High School emerged as the champions of the U-16 Boys’ as well as U-16 Girls’ categories, taking home the title as the Champions of the BYFC 2017 

Supported by the Karnataka State Football Association and The Bangalore District Football Association, the BYFC was a testament towards the support of the state towards youth Football. The tournament was even recognised as a valuable platform by the Sports Minister, Hon’ble Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister of Fisheries,Youth Services & Sports, who is Karnataka’s advocate for sports and youth development With the U-17 World Cup taking place in Indian in a few days, the vigour and recognition towards the importance of youth football has never rung louder, and Footieculture and the governing bodies are dedicated to creating platforms like the BYFC to nurture this heightening potential for Football talent in the country.

Tanvie Hans, Indian Football Player and ex-Tottenham and ex-Fulham Ladies player visited the tournament to wish the players for the grand finale. Amongst the vast and varied spectators, it was heartening to see the parents and kin of the young players show their support by being there at each player’s moment of pride.


As an organisation committed to the development of Football at the grassroots and all levels, it s gratifying to see the immense support given to youth football, from parents, and the public to sponsors and the government alike. More importantly, the sheer enthusiasm and drive of each and every young player is what drives us on the pathway to developing the present and future of Indian football. With Indian’s debut with the youth team on the world football stage, the relevance of the BYFC and other youth football platforms have only the capacity to become bigger and better, and we look forward to witnessing this revolution.

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